Why SS Lines Are The Way To Go

Beverage running through the lines is your most precious commodity. As it hits the glass it needs to be fresh and at just the right temperature. All of our glycol ready towers come with 304 grade Stainless Steel beverage lines which is the most hygienic way to dispense beverages.

This is not only great for beer dispensing but also great for serving other beverages like wine, cider, coffee, kombucha, water etc. Stainless Steel is the most hygienic way to store and carry beverages. Acids in certain beverages like beer and wine can react with some of the other materials which affects the taste of the beverage. Over time those lines can start degrading and become hard to clean. Stainless Steel (especially 304 grade), however, has minimal to no reaction with beverage , cleans out well and will last long.

In addition to the above mentioned benefits , Stainless Steel product lines when combined with our Chill Smart cold block provide an unmatched uniform cooling to all the lines. Copper lines run along with the stainless steel lines and across the cold block to ensure a consistent cooling on all the product lines. Multiple layers of insulation inside the tower minimizes heat exchange from outside and  sweating.