Chill Smart Inserts

Whether you’re building a unique tower or a wall mount tap systems, let Chill Smart Insert provide the inner functionality while you focus on the design. Chill Smart Insert is a self contained fully insulated system that comes with all 304 grade stainless steel beverage lines, shanks and faucets. Just drop the insert inside your tower or behind the wall and have your beverage pouring at just the right temperature within no time.

This insert comes in variety of sizes and direction of tubing. It can accommodate multiple wall depths and can be made to have custom spacing between shanks. It is built with our Chill Smart Technology which ensures a consistent cooling among all taps. 3/8″ OD copper lines run through the cold block and ends in 3/8″ barbs to hookup to your glycol lines. 3 layers of insulation means that your tower or the lines will never accumulate condensation and will work flawlessly.

  • SS Beer Lines with shanks bolt in from front.
  • Copper glycol lines with 3/8” barb fitting.
  • Multiple Layers of Insulation.
  • Metal Cold Block to provide consistent cooling.
  • Includes 304 grade SS Shanks and Faucets.
  • Available in center, down and side outlets.
  • Custom requests welcome.
  • Can be used in Towers or Wall Mount Systems.

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