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That is what we live by. As a result, we pride ourselves on establishing a personal connection with our customers to ensure their complete satisfaction. We will never cease striving to provide the best customer experience possible.

Customers today are looking to set their bar apart from others. Our towers are made in house at our IL location and we can easily customize them to give it a unique look with various shapes, sizes and finishes.

With a large inventory and quick turn around time, we are your best source for all beverage dispensing equipment needs. Whatever you’re serving, we can help you. Contact us for:

Beer    Wine    Coffee    Tea    Soda    Water

Custom Towers

The most fun part of our job is to create something that a restaurant owner dreams up. Be it a 10 ft long beer tower, copper finish coffee dispenser or ceiling mounted black pipe towers. We work with you on various shapes, finishes and materials to build the tower that fits your vision.

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Wine on Tap

Have your wine taste as good as corking a new bottle each time you pour. Sure, kegged wine offers cost savings throughout the bottling and shipping process, and kegged wine is booming right now all across the globe. But what really speaks to bar owners is the freshness each and everytime a glass of wine is poured from the keg.

At Chill Passion we make sure you get the right products to pour a perfect glass of wine from keg.

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Featured Blogs

Chill Smart Inserts

Weather you’re building a unique tower or a wall mount tap systems, let Chill Smart Insert provide the inner functionality while you focus on the design. Chill Smart Insert is a self contained fully insulated system that comes with all 304 grade stainless steel beverage lines, shanks and faucets. Just drop the insert inside your […]

Uber Tap – Event Dispensing at its best!

  “If you’ve ever waited in line at a keg party, you know why Sharks rookie Doug Murray is excited about his company’s new Uber Tap” : Wave Magazine, Oct 2005. Raved by multiple magazines and CNN, Uber Tap is the the toughest and most efficient keg party pump on the market today! It provides […]

Why SS Lines Are The Way To Go

Beverage running through the lines is your most precious commodity. As it hits the glass it needs to be fresh and at just the right temperature. All of our glycol ready towers come with 304 grade Stainless Steel beverage lines which is the most hygienic way to dispense beverages. This is not only great for Beer but […]