Wine-On-Tap Solutions

Serving wine on tap is a great way to ensure you provide the best-tasting product to “wow” your customers and your bottom-line. Serve red or white wine at just the right temperature with perfect freshness while saving money and doing good for the environment.

A perfect draft wine setup requires just the right equipment to ensure that the beverage stays fresh and comes in contact with only the right equipment throughout its journey from keg to glass.

Chill Passion has a wide variety of options for serving wine-on-tap. In addition to our stock wine dispensers, we can also add wine lines on any of our towers, including custom ones. Contact us and discover the options.

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Perfect Tasting Wine Right From The Tap

Have your wine taste as good as corking a new bottle each time you pour. Customers get fresh-tasting wine to experience its unique flavor and aroma when a glass of wine is poured from a keg. While kegged wine offers cost savings throughout the bottling and shipping process, it’s the freshness that speaks to business owners in the bar and restaurant industry.

At Chill Passion, we can help you design a custom wine on tap solution that your business will benefit from and your customers will love.

Our Difference

Innovative Equipment

Our wine-on-tap equipment is innovatively designed to create high-quality products.

USA Manufactured

Most of our products are manufactured or assembled in the USA.

Reliable Parts Assembly

Our team of wine-on-tap experts provides high-quality service and assembly.

Stainless Steel Finish

Our wine-on-tap products are made of stainless steel material for great-tasting wine served at the right temperature.

Recent Projects

Here are a few recent wine-on-tap projects.

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